System Mechanic falsely identified as malware

If you have received an unexpected alert while installing or updating System Mechanic recently, please know that it is caused by a misunderstanding between security vendors, and iolo is working to resolve the issue. Rest assured that System Mechanic is not a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program), and it will not knowingly harm your PC.

You may continue to use System Mechanic with confidence, as iolo has stood behind our software for over 20 years, as have industry leaders such as PC Magazine who have awarded iolo the Editors’ Choice for several years in the row.

A software organization, in conjunction with a consortium of tech companies that polices app quality on the internet, have decided that a gauge should not be shown in free trial utility software, because it is their opinion that gauges may confuse users after the free trial expires. Since our trial version of System Mechanic displays a helpful gauge after the scan, the organization put System Mechanic on their naughty list.  This list was then syndicated to other competing security companies in an effort to automate blocking some apps from installing. The entire process is usually automated to help these companies save money, and it’s prone to occasional mistakes. Our engineers are working diligently with the organization and other security vendors to quickly resolve the issue.

To remedy the issue, please uninstall your current product version, download from the link below for your purchased product and reinstall with the updated product version.

System Mechanic 

System Mechanic Professional

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

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