1. From the Windows desktop search bar field type: control panel.

  2. In the match list click on Control Panel.

  3. From the list of Control Panel applets, click on Programs and Features. This will open a list of all installed software.

  4. Scroll down the list until you locate your installed iolo software (System Checkup (or SCU), System Mechanic, Malware Killer, Privacy Guardian, System Shield, Drive Scrubber or Search and Recover).

  5. Double-click on the item or select it once and then click on Uninstall/Change. In a few seconds a product dialog will appear showing the uninstall process. The example below is for System Mechanic.

  6. Once the uninstall process has ended, click on the OK button. Your iolo product is now uninstalled and may require a restart of the computer if prompted.

Uninstalling the ByePass Browser Extension 

To uninstall the ByePass browser extension  please click here

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