This FAQ explores questions regarding installation, activation and general features of ByePass secure password manager.  



What is ByePass secure password management?

ByePass is a secure web browser extension that securely manages all your web account passwords across your devices, regardless of OS platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android). 

ByePass also helps protect your online purchases by letting you encrypt and store credit cards that are only deployed as-needed when making online purchases, so hackers and keyloggers cannot steal them. A similar local encryption feature for writing notes enables you to store sensitive info securely, such as PINs.

What are the ByePass System Requirements?

ByePass is compatible with the latest, up to date, versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge Chromium regardless of OS platform (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android (via the Google Play Store) and iOS devices (via the Apple Store). Legacy support for Internet Explorer is not available.

What is the difference between ByePass trial and full versions?

Trial version:

  • Limited to 5 accounts
  • Automated password storage, generator and autofill
  • Offline access and data export
  • Auto sync
  • Browser add-on

Full version:

  • Unlimited accounts
  • Secure password generator
  • Single master password
  • Recovery code in the event you forgot your master password
  • Two-factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Inactivity lock
  • Secure notes
  • Security and breach reports
  • Credit card security
  • Dark web scan for leaked passwords
  • Login Guardian for remote logout of all websites on your connected devices
  • Intelligent autofill
  • Automatic sync and backup across all your devices
  • Remote browsing history clearance

What are “accounts” in the context of using ByePass?

Accounts refer to separate sets of login credentials for the various websites you use. They are locally encrypted and stored within ByePass, so you never have to insecurely store them in your web browser, write them down or remember them. Examples of “accounts” in the ByePass context are your usernames and passwords for logging into: Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram, online banking, news sites, etc.

How do I begin using ByePass?

When you first click the ByePass eyeball icon in System Mechanic Ultimate Defense, you will be asked to set up your ByePass account. 

  • Navigate to the ByePass activation page.

  • Enter the email address used when purchasing System Mechanic Ultimate Defense or standalone ByePass.

  • Enter the Activation Key associated with your product purchase. If you upgraded to System Mechanic Ultimate Defense from another System Mechanic product, use the same Activation Key as the one associated with your prior System Mechanic purchase.

    For new purchases (as opposed to upgrades), a new System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Activation Key will have been sent to your email address that you used at the time of purchase.
  • Click Submit.
  • Next, you’ll need to add the ByePass browser extension to your default web browser.  Click Install ByePass.
  • Click Add extension. After you install the ByePass browser extension, click on the extension’s icon in your browser.
  • Click I agree, let’s start and then Create an account. Create your Master Password and complete the setup of your ByePass account.

  • After logging into ByePass, you can begin creating and/or adding secure login credentials for your various online accounts, as well as encrypted credit cards and notes. ByePass should automatically detect and load most of your online accounts into ByePass for you.


How do I set up ByePass using the Whole Home License?

Whole Home License allows you to install the product on additional computers or devices in your household. Simply install ByePass and activate with your Activation Key.


How do I create and securely store passwords?

When you first sign into ByePass, simply click on the Add cccount button to start adding accounts such as banking or social media accounts, and your credentials.

What are the advantages of securely storing my credit cards within ByePass?

The numbers are locally encrypted and only deployed as-needed to make purchases so  you will never need to insecurely type or store passwords and credit cards in your web browser. This helps to thwart both keyloggers and hackers from stealing them.

What are Secure Notes?

Just like safely storing passwords, ByePass allows you a place to keep encrypted notes no one else can ever see. Something to store in a secure note may be secure PINs or other ID specific information needed in course of logging onto a web account.


Does Login Guardian remotely log me out of only the sites I put in Byepass?

Yes. ByePass is always automatically adding the sites you visit and sign into to, to its secure database. This helps ensure you do not leave yourself logged into a site you didn’t intend to when you used the Login Guardian remote logout feature.

Does ByePass have access to my data in order to protect it?

ByePass has no access to your passwords since they are encrypted locally and only then stored. This allows you to call them up on-demand and never store them in your browser, where they are vulnerable to hackers.


Furthermore, only you know your Master Password. This is the only password you’ll have to remember, because even ByePass cannot help you retrieve it.

How do I close my ByePass account?

From the ByePass dashboard:

  • Click the red menu bar to show the dropdown menu.
  • Click Settings.
  • Scroll down to the last item, Close account, which appears grayed-out.
  • Click Yes.