Welcome and we thank you for your interest in System Mechanic!

  1. To install the most current version of System Mechanic please click here, or in your browser navigate to https://sm.iolo.com.

  2. When the file has finished downloading, please navigate to your Downloads folder and double-click on the SystemMechanicStd_DM.exe file.

  3. The download manager will begin the download and installation process.

  4. Click Yes on the User Account Control dialog.

  5. Click Install in the System Mechanic installer window.

  6. When the installation has completed, System Mechanic will start.  Enter your email address in both fields and click Begin activation.

  7. Please enter your product key in the 'I have an Activation Key' field. Otherwise, select Activate Trial.

  8. Click Finish activation to complete the installation process. Congratulations! You have successfully installed your System Mechanic product.

  9. To review your subscription expiration date, select the (key) icon at the top right of System Mechanic.

  10. Your product expiration date, activation key, and days remaining will appear under the product you have activated.

Need assistance?

Should you have any product questions or concerns, please visit our Customer Care Portal where you can find knowledgebase articles or chat with a Customer Care Representative using our Live Chat feature.