Whether you have scheduled automatic cookie clearance or are manually going in to clear your browsing data and/or cookies, there are certain sites you’ll want to consider whitelisting from cookie clearance. This is because some cookies are useful in keeping you logged into trusted websites or retaining product cart information while browsing online retailers.  

Add or remove websites from whitelist

  1. Select the Settings cogwheel at the lower left.

  2. From the drop down select Performance Settings.

  3. Select the COOKIES WHITELIST button.

  4. Review the list of recommended sites and check the boxes next to the items you want to whitelist. Next click the Add button. If you want remove any items, simply scroll to the item in the list on the right and click the Remove button.

NOTE: You will also need to ensure the removal of browser saved passwords is disabled.

Disable removal of browser stored passwords

  1. To disable the removal of your browser stored passwords, in the same Settings area as above, in the drop down select Privacy Settings.

  2. Scroll down and uncheck the box labeled Saved Passwords. Your change will be saved automatically.

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