This option is only available on Windows 7 and newer operating systems.

  1. Insert your target USB drive that you want to use for creating the bootable media.
  2. Start System Mechanic Ultimate Defense, hover the mouse over Toolbox and click on Protect.

  3. Click on Create bootable USB to wipe system drive.

  4. Select the target drive to wipe.

  5. After selecting the target drive click on the big button labeled Next,

  6. The formatting and wiping of the drive will occur and when finished the window will show 'Bootable USB successfully created'.

  7. Attach your target drive that you want to securely wipe. If installing as an internal secondary hard drive, please power down your PC first and then once installed power your PC back on. 

  8. Insert the bootable USB drive that you created, restart your PC and follow the prompts to wipe your drive.