The System Mechanic family of products, DriveScrubber, Malware Killer, Search and Recover, System Shield, Privacy Guardian and ByePass use the System Mechanic Ultimate Defense framework, using a single installation file which is the base product of System Mechanic Ultimate Defense.

If you have purchased System Mechanic Ultimate Defense, Malware Killer is already included as part of its suite of applications. 

If you have only purchased Malware Killer, the installation may start out as System Mechanic Ultimate Defense, but once the Malware Killer activation key is entered, the software will activate accordingly as Malware Killer.

To install your product:

  1. Download System Mechanic Ultimate Defense from

  2. Navigate to your Downloads folder and double-click on the System Mechanic Ultimate Defense executeable file and follow the installation prompts.

  3. When System Mechanic starts, enter your email address (if prompted) and select Begin activation.
  4. Enter your product key and select Finish activation. Your product is ready for use.



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