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If you do not have your 20-digit iolo product Activation Key handy, there are several ways to retrieve it:

1. Your Activation Key is shown within the product Help menu

  • Start your product > click Help or (?) > select About [Your Product] and a screen will appear displaying your product's version information and Activation Key.

2. Check your email. Your order confirmation, which includes your product activation key, was sent to the email address you initially entered when purchasing your iolo product. 

3. Navigate to the MyAccount Customer Area.

  • Create a new account or log into an existing account to look up your product information.
  • If you forgot your password no problem, from the MyAccount Customer Area simply click on Login now, click Forgot your password, enter your email and click on Submit to have the information sent to your email address you made the purchase with.

4. If your retrieved product activation key is not working:

  • double-check for common character mistakes, e.g., that zeroes and ones are not typed as the letters “O,” “i,” or “L” (and vice versa)
  • no spaces in front or back of key if you copied and pasted
  • that your Activation Key is not for a different iolo product, e.g., System Mechanic Pro, DriveScrubber, etc.
  • contact our customer care department to make sure your subscription is still active