Malware Killer

Both the free and full (paid) versions of Malware Killer:

  • Offer a deep inspection engine to detect viruses, spyware and many other types of malware that may have infected your PC. 
  • Notify you of the malware.

Only the full (paid) version of Malware Killer also:

  • Takes the results of the advanced on-demand detection and eradicates the malware from your computer.

Privacy Guardian

Both the free and full (paid) versions of Privacy Guardian:

  • Reveal thousands of covert ad-tracking efforts to follow you around the web and record your surfing habits.
  • Uncover attempts at digital profile-building and fingerprinting based on your online searches, videos watched, and websites visited.


Only the full (paid) version of Privacy Guardian also:

  • Blocks access to and unintended exposure of your sensitive online data, device info and browsing habits without your knowledge.
  • Enhances identity protection and stops ad-trackers from following and targeting you on the internet.
  • Helps ensure anonymous browsing and searching by scrambling the digital fingerprints left by your browser.



Both the free and full (paid) versions of ByePass feature:

  • Automated password storage, generator and autofill
  • Offline access and data export
  • Auto sync
  • Browser add-on


Only the full (paid) version of ByePass offers:

  • Unlimited account storage (the free version limits the amount of stored accounts to 5)
  • Security and breach reports
  • Two-factor identification (2FA)
  • Inactivity lock
  • Secure notes
  • Credit card security
  • Login Guardian
  • Remote browser clearance and tab close