1. From within System Mechanic Ultimate Defense, select Password Manager from the left menu.

  2. From the list of installed browsers, click the Install button for the browser that you want to install ByePass and you will be directed to the Activate ByePass page.

  3. Enter your email address, your product activation key should it not automatically show, and click Submit. You will be directed to the download page.

  4. Click Download and follow the prompts at the top of your bowser to complete the installation.

  5. When installation is complete, you will see a login page. Select Create an Account to register.

  6. Enter your email address, a Master Password of your own choosing, check the box to accept the Privacy policy and EULA, and click Login.

    NOTE: If you already have an account select I already have an account, which will take you back to the login page.

  7. Please take a moment to copy your recovery key PDF and to write it down somewhere safe. This is exponentially important in the event that you forget your Master Password. Without your recovery key, should you forget your password, the only option is to delete the entire account and recreate a new one. When saved and/or written down somewhere safe, click Close.

  8. Once closed, the ByePass extension icon will appear in your browsers toolbar. Select it to open and login to ByePass.