Network Scanner is a feature of System Mechanic that scans for connected devices on your network that are using bandwidth which could be causing network congestion. These devices could be security cameras, thermostats, gaming consoles, smart TVs, phones, speakers, and many other connected devices.

Network Scanner also checks known (suspicious) ports on a network that could potentially be open and allowing the sending or receiving of data, or that may allow unauthorized access of a network or device. 

Hackers use automated scanners to check for open router ports, as well as for device exploits, and label them susceptible to attack, inviting spoofed DNS queries and other malicious queries which also contribute to network congestion.

Disabling these known ports will help with stopping malware, blocking unwanted services, stopping cyber-attacks, such as denial of service attacks (DDoS), spamming, and the propagation of bots.

Accessing Network Scanner

Network Scanner can be accessed from the System Mechanic left navigation panel. 

  1. Select Performance > Performance Home > Toolbox.

  2. Next select Network Scanner.

  3. Click Scan Now. Once the scan has completed, the tool will generate a list of open ports, found devices and connected bluetooth devices. 

  4. Browse and follow any recommendations, such as removing any obsolete or inactive devices off of your network.

Need further assistance?

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