This can occur if the one website has been manually blocked or Snooze ByePass was selected which would cause ByePass to basically sleep and not be available for a period of minutes. You can check if a website has been blocked in ByePass under Settings.


Unblock the Website

  1. Login to ByePass and click on the menu icon and then Settings.

  2. Scroll down to Data and select Manage blocked websites.

  3. Next to the account you want to unblock under the list of managed blocked websites, select allow from the drop-down field. Alternatively, if you want to remove the account from the list entirely, which will enable it again automatically, simply click on the x at the right of the drop-down field.

  4. After clicking on allow, or removing the account from the list all together, you will see an updated confirmation dialog and can select Done.


Remove the accounts snooze state

  1. To reset the snooze state of ByePass, from the top menu click on the clock icon with two Z's. Once reset, you can again use ByePass to manage the login for an account.