New Customer (including Trial users)

  1. To install the most current version of System Mechanic Ultimate Defense, download the System Mechanic Ultimate Defense download manager via your internet browser.

  2. When the download is complete, a downloaded file bar will appear at the bottom of the browser. Click on the file name in the bar to start the download manager. Alternatively, navigate to your Downloads folder and double-click on the SystemMechanicUltimateDefense_DM.exe.

  3. Click Yes on the User Account Control dialog and the product download manager will launch.

  4. Click Run which will start the product download manager.

  5. When the file has finished downloading, the product installer window will appear. Click on Install to begin the installation process. 

  6. When the installation has completed, enter your email address and click on begin activation. 

  7. Enter your product activation key and click Finish activation. Otherwise, if you are installing as a trial version, select Activate Trial (I do not have an Activation Key) and click Finish activation.

  8. Your product is now installed.

Existing Customer

If you are an existing customer and have reinstalled your product, start your System Mechanic product and simply enter your activation key. 

If you do not see the activation dialog, please click on the key icon at the top right of the application menu and click Product information. When the activation window appears, enter your activation key and click Activate now