Real-Time Boost is a collection of automatic real-time tuning features.

What it does:

  • OptiCore and PowerSense optimize your processor settings for the task at hand
  • RAMJet frees trapped memory from apps that no longer need it
  • AcceleWrite speeds disk I/O by writing data to the HDD in contiguous batches, in effect preventing fragmentation before it occurs

Why use it:

Collectively, these features balance demands, conserve power, and improve the responsiveness of your CPU, RAM, and storage drives (HDDs and SSDs).

Real-Time Boost works silently in the background, occupies minimal system resources, and only processes actions when they're needed.

On-Demand Boost is the perfect complement to LiveBoost’s real-time performance boosting, by allowing you with one click to safely turn off multiple background services that drain precious system resources.

What it does:

Enabling On-Demand Boost temporarily turns off background services that use system resources.

Why use it:

By turning off unnecessary items, more resources are available for specialized uses such as gaming, streaming, and more.

To enable On-Demand Boost, click the large button in the center of the panel. On-Demand Boost will scan for any unnecessary items.

When the scan completes, a list of unnecessary services appears, with an indicator for each that it has been Stopped.

The Refresh List function gives you an up-to-the-minute status of which services are currently running or stopped.

Note that, while a system reboot is not necessary to enable or disable On-Demand Boost, On-Demand Boost will disable upon a system reboot, with previously stopped services enabled to run again.

Within the ActiveCare menu, you can opt to automatically enable On-Demand Boost whenever you have ActiveCare set to run.

Together, Real-Time Boost and On-Demand Boost deliver maximum speed, especially for specialized tasks like gaming, streaming, and more.