System Mechanic’s NetBooster feature is designed to optimize an important group of Windows settings that affect your network and internet connections. When Windows is installed, these settings are in most cases not optimized for the internet or for your particular network. Using NetBooster’s one-click options or its advanced settings, you can increase frames per second, download speeds, streaming quality and more.

From the System Mechanic Dashboard:

  1. Click Toolbox > Speed Up.

  2. Under the first option, NetBooster, find Customize advanced internet settings.

  3. After the analysis completes, you can Set iolo Recommended settings, which will configure your computer with the optimal settings, or Restore original settings, should you have made prior changes with NetBooster.

NOTE: Click the arrow all the way to the right of each setting to expand for more information on that setting.

  1. Advanced users, using the dropdown menus you may also manually select a setting and adjust it from its Current State. When you are finished adjusting settings, click Apply.

  2. You may have to reboot your computer to ensure that the settings take effect.

  3. If you are unhappy with the manual changes to settings you have made, simply click Restore original settings or re-run an analysis and choose Set iolo Recommended to undo any choices you've manually made.