When activating iolo products, please make sure that you are using the correct product that they Activation Key is meant for and that you are typing the characters correctly, such as 0 (zero) versus O (oh) and the letter I (eye) versus l (L). It is best to use all upper-case so that there is no confusion. 

Most common causes of activation keys not being accepted:

  • Typing the activation key incorrectly.

  • Copying and pasting the key into the product which can also copy blank spaces.

  • If you have an earlier version of System Mechanic, such as System Mechanic 15, and are trying to activate with an Activation Key meant for System Mechanic 16 or greater, the key will not work.

  • If you have installed System Mechanic Ultimate Defense and are attempting to use a System Mechanic or System Mechanic Professional key, the key will only work if it is a newer key and not from an older product.

  • If you have purchased multiple Activation Keys for the same product, the key you are attempting to use may be one that has already expired.

  • If you have purchased two different versions of System Mechanic, such as System Mechanic and System Mechanic Professional, you may be using a key meant for the opposite version.

  • If you had sought a refund for a product, the key will not work.

  • If your product has expired, your Activation Key will not work until you add time to your subscription.

  • There may be a legitimate issue with the key itself and you should contact Customer Care to assist in quickly resolving it.

Need further assistance?

Should you have any product questions or concerns, please visit our Customer Care Portal where you can find knowledgebase articles or chat with a Customer Care Representative using our Live Chat feature.