Your ByePass Master Password is the key to your account. You are the only human being who has access to your ByePass account. 

For security reasons, and your privacy being our top priority, the master password that you create and use to unlock all the content you saved in ByePass is not stored anywhere on our data servers. We do not have any access to your actual account data, will have no idea what your master password is, nor will we be able to retrieve it.

If you are unable to remember your master password at all, we can only reset your account by deleting it but it is very important to note that this means that all of your account data to be deleted, as if you had no account at all. Because of how ByePass secures your account information, it is by design that no one can reset the master password on the account, necessitating the account to be deleted and recreated.

Every password and every account is deeply encrypted locally on your computer and the unique reference code we do see simply looks like a random series of numbers and letters mixed together, so this means that you and your details are always safe. Removing this reference code is what resets (deletes) your account. 

We highly suggest that you try to remember your ByePass Master Password prior to requesting your account be reset as previously described. However, if you are positive that you absolutely do not know it, we will be happy to delete the account so that you can recreate it.

Note: When creating your ByePass Master Password, it should be 6 or more characters long, and be careful that your caps lock key is not active on your keyboard when you enter it.