By locally encrypting your credit card info and only populating the payment fields on websites at times of purchase, ByePass lets you avoid storing credit card numbers insecurely in your browser, or having to type them manually, which can leave them vulnerable to keyloggers.


Similarly, ByePass lets you save sensitive data like PINs in the form of secure notes only you can access, while locally encrypting them for much higher security than simply storing them in an unprotected file on your device drive.

To encrypt and store credit cards:

  1. Log into ByePass.
  2. From the red menu bar dropdown menu, choose Credit cards.
  3. Click Add card.
  4. Fill out the information as it appears on your credit card.
  5. Include an optional PIN if desired.
  6. Type any notes specific to this card that you wish.
  7. Click Save.
  8. When you click in a credit card field on a website, the credit cards you have entered in ByePass will appear in the ByePass dropdown menu that appears.
  9. Select the card you wish to use to pay.
  10. The name, number, expiration and security code fields should automatically populate.

To encrypt and store notes:

  1. Log into ByePass.
  2. From the red menu bar dropdown menu, choose Notes.
  3. Click Add note.
  4. Title and type your note in the appropriate fields.
  5. You can color code your note by clicking on the color tile on the lower right, and choosing a color.
  6. Click Save
  7. The note is now encrypted locally such that only you have access to its contents.