Forum Rules

Forum Moderation

We encourage our customers to voice constructive feedback. The goal in moderating the forums is to keep them enjoyable and free from problems that detract from the experience of our customers. We do not intend to limit discussion, or promote or suppress any particular points of view. 

If you break any of the forum rules, you will receive a warning. If the violations continue, your support/forum account will be disabled.

The forums on the customer care portal in no way substitute for creating a ticket for assistance but are meant to enhance the experience of customers seeking assistance with our products.

Language and Conduct

  • All posts should be professional and courteous.

  • We take politeness very seriously and will not tolerate harassment, threats, insults, belittling, taunting, bullying, provoking or demeaning behavior, flaming, name-calling or other personal attacks, of company employees, forum posters or forum moderators.

  • You are welcome to disagree or challenge others points of view and opinions of forum members, but do so respectfully and thoughtfully.

  • Be respectful of other forum members at all times and treat others as you wish to be treated. Be friendly even if others are not.

  • Do not use obscene, lewd, lascivious or excessively violent language.

  • Do not post inappropriate material. If you would not feel comfortable viewing it at work, or in front of children or others, do not post it.

  • Any content considered racist, obscene or objectionable will not be tolerated and will be removed. This includes avatars and signatures.

Forum Posting

  • There is a good chance that an issue you are experiencing has already been addressed on our Support portal. Please use the forum’s search feature at the top of the portal to see if there are any existing threads or Knowledgebase articles that may already exist on the subject prior to creating a topic.

  • Posts in the forums must be questions or feedback about the use of iolo products, Premium Service or answers to such questions from others. Posts that are not will be directed to an alternative discussion forum, another resource, converted to a Support ticket or subject to removal.

  • Create one topic for one issue at a time that you need help with. Creating multiple topics on the same issue will affect how long it takes a moderator to respond.

  • When creating a forum topic or post, be descriptive, and give a short summary of your problem in the subject. Just post your problem.
    • Good Example:
      • Subject: Error 2 when I try to activate product  
      • Summary: I entered my product key, clicked to activate and received an Error 2 stating my key is not recognized.

    • Bad Example:
      • Subject: I need help. Urgent. Someone call me. I have a question! 
      • Summary: I am getting an error.

  • Keep topic responses pertinent and relevant. Do not reuse existing topics started by others for your issue if it is not on the same subject. Start a new topic instead or your post may be removed from the topic thread.

  • Moderators will mark a best answer (if the poster has not done so) and lock the forum topic.

  • If a forum topic is locked, please start a new one.

  • Forum topics may be automatically archived or locked upon reaching a certain age.

  • iolo technologies reserves the right to remove, edit, move, convert topics to tickets or close any topics for any reason and make changes to the Forum Rules without notice.


  • Posts that provide links or references to any illegal software, other similar software of any kind, or their websites—unless you are reporting these websites as suspicious for offering our products or services—will be removed.

  • Do not post links to third-party download sites for iolo products in the forums. These websites will often times have old or incorrect product files, and some malicious third-party download sites could add malicious software to the download. Only iolo technologies will have the most current product versions available for downloading.

  • Moderators may edit or remove links to third-party download sites.

  • Do not post direct links to executable files unless they are on iolo servers. If you need to download the latest product versions, it is always best to visit the main product download page here:


  • Any forum posts considered spam will be immediately removed.

  • If topic posts that are otherwise appropriate include links considered to be either spam or inappropriate, those links will be removed from the posts.

  • Do not promote and advertise your affiliated websites or services in any of the forums.

  • Do not promote and advertise charity or fundraising organizations in any of the forums.

  • Do not advertise any items or services to trade or for money in any of the forums. Any such posts will be marked as spam and removed.

Images and Other Media

  • You can add images, such as screenshots, should it be pertinent to any issues or concerns you are attempting to convey in your forum posts.

  • Images or other media added to a topic post must help explain a problem with our products or a solution to the problem. Inappropriate media will be removed.

Sensitive Information

  • Do not post any sensitive information, such as product Activation Keys or personal information.

  • Any product Activation Keys posted in the forums will be immediately removed and result in the Activation Key being disabled from further use.

  • Thank you for reading the Forum Rules and enjoy the forums!