New Customer (including Trial users)

  1. To install the most current version of System Mechanic Ultimate Defense, download the System Mechanic download manager via your internet browser.

  2. When the download is complete, a downloaded file bar will appear at the bottom of the browser. Click on the file in the bar to start the download manager. Alternatively, by default, files should download to your Windows Downloads folder and the file can be clicked on from there.

  3. Click Yes to the User Account Control window and the product download manager will launch and begin downloading your product. If you would like to save a copy of the file somewhere, select Yes when prompted.
  4. The installation will start. Select your language from the window and click Next.

  5. Click Install Now.

  6. Click Finish.

  7. System Mechanic Ultimate Defense will launch and automatically begin your first analysis.

  8. Once the analysis is finished, click on the large Activate now button in the middle of the application window. This will open a window to input your activation information.

  9. Enter your email address that you used when purchasing the product online. If you are installing as a trial, simply enter a valid email address to continue.

  10. Once you have entered your email address, click on Begin activation.

  11. If activating the product as a trial, select the Activate Trial radio button and click Finish activation. If you have an activation key go to the next step.

  12. If you have an activation key, select the I have an Activation Key radio button, enter your activation key and click Finish activation.

  13. When your activation key is accepted, your service time will appear at the middle of the application window.

  14. Another method of checking your activation information is to click on the key icon in the application menu at the upper-right, and then select Product information.

Existing Customer

If you are an existing customer and have reinstalled your product, start System Mechanic Ultimate Defense and it will automatically contact our activation server and add your product key. Should that not occur, or should you need to otherwise re-enter your product key for any reason, please click on the key icon at the top right in the application menu and click Product information and when the activation window appears, enter your activation key and click Activate now


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