How do I allow Privacy Guardian to retain my stored passwords on websites I trust?

Whether you have scheduled automatic cookie clearance or are manually going in to clear your browsing data and/or cookies, there are certain sites you’ll want to consider whitelisting from cookie clearance.


This is because some cookies are useful, e.g., by keeping you logged in to trusted websites or retaining your shopping cart orders. To avoid having stored passwords deleted on sites you trust, whitelist the site from cookie clearance by following these steps: 

  • From the Privacy Guardian Dashboard, on the left, click ActiveCare (third icon down).
  • On the right side of the window, click the Add or remove websites from whitelist button.
  • You may Choose from popular options if you are unsure which websites to whitelist.
  • Click within the box that says Enter URL to enter a specific website you have in mind.
  • Review your whitelisted sites in the box below this entry field.
  • Click Remove to re-enable cookie clearance for any given website in this list.
  • When you are finished making changes, click Done.