This article is only for users who have purchased Privacy Guardian as a standalone product, and not as part of System Mechanic Ultimate Defense.

What steps must I take to upgrade from the free to the full version of Privacy Guardian?

After you have completed purchase of the full version of Privacy Guardian in the online shopping cart, you must close Privacy Guardian and restart it. Your license should now have been upgraded to the full version.

To close out of Privacy Guardian, since the software runs in the background whenever you are using your computer, merely closing the dashboard isn’t sufficient—you must close the app from within the Windows system tray and restart it to activate the full version:

  • On the bottom right of your computer screen, click on the up arrow to reveal your currently open apps.
  • Locate the Privacy Guardian red eyeball icon and right-click.
  • Select Quit Privacy Guardian.
  • Re-launch Privacy Guardian to start enjoying the benefits of full online privacy protection.

Note that it may take up to one hour after purchase for your new license to activate the full version of Privacy Guardian. If after following the above steps you are still having trouble activating the full version, please contact Customer Support for help. Once you message the Support portal iolo Support agents will be in contact with you via email and phone. 

Why must I install the Privacy Guardian browser extension?

Many web browsers—including Chrome, Firefox and Opera—require the use of extensions (aka “add-ons”) for certain types of software to be compatible. Browser extensions add features to your web browser, in this case, the online privacy tool Privacy Guardian.

Because Privacy Guardian is a browser-based anti- tracking application that protects your online activities from spying eyes while you are using the internet, adding the extension to your browser is the only way Privacy Guardian will be able to protect your browsing from tracking attempts. (Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Edge browsers do not require you to enable extensions.)

How do I install the Privacy Guardian browser extension?

Before installing the Privacy Guardian browser extensions, first make sure that your web browsers are fully up-to-date. Second, the latest Windows updates should be fully applied.

Even if you typically use just one web browser, it is recommended that you enable online privacy protection for each of your browsers. If you have not already been prompted by Privacy Guardian and therefore done so, to enable privacy protection for your browsers:

  • From the Privacy Guardian application Dashboard, click Browsers.
  • Here you will see a list of browsers available for privacy protection.
  • Choose a browser from the list, and click Enable.
  • Follow the onscreen steps as Privacy Guardian walks you through adding the browser extension for the browser.
  • Moving down the list of available browsers, click Enable and follow the onscreen instructions for each subsequent browser.