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Want to compare Iolo Ulitimate Defense & BitDefender

 I got BitDefender Total Support 2020 free w/a new computer for a year..... so I want to test them both.

Which features overlap & will require that I choose between them"

For example, the BD Registry repair app does not seem to have the ability to see which issues it has found & consequently, some actions that I would not want to be taken - will be taken & there is apparently no rollback or backup before running the Registry Repair routine. I will have no clue as to what is happening; so I am not using it & will use Ultimate Defense's Registry Repair bc it allows me to choose which issues will be acted on & there is a roll back feature. But, do I have to keep something resident in my Win10 memory.

The BD VPN service is not appealing; as I already own a separate one & it has no data caps; BD has data caps..... :-<

However, I'm sure that there are things that are memory resident, that I will have to choose to use one or the other....  so far, I imagine that the following will conflict:

Anti-Virus, Live Malware detection, & Firewall.

Any advice as to which settings I need to change; so I can keep both on my machine & not have conflicts that will slow it down, or cause other problems will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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