System Mechanic 20.3 released

What’s New in System Mechanic 20.3

Enhanced On-Demand Boost™
LiveBoost’s on-demand performance enhancer now allows you to choose from a list which services you want to temporarily disable for your power sessions. Whether streaming, gaming, rendering or downloading, On-Demand Boost continues to find new ways to customize your PC’s settings for maximum speed and power.

Enhanced Tune-up Definitions™
System Mechanic® continues to add to its proprietary database of stability and performance risks to:

  • Intelligently adapt to a wider variety of:
    • System configurations
    • Installed software
  • Continually discover new ways to reverse your PC’s aging process

What’s New in System Mechanic Ultimate Defense 20.3

New Privacy Guardian™ Tutorial walks you through the many ways Privacy Guardian can optimize your internet privacy. The in-product messages explain how to:

  • Navigate the Privacy Guardian menus to find the specific privacy controls you need
  • Disable Windows® data-sharing features, including:
    • Personal data collection
    • Windows Feedback services
    • Browser history tracking
    • Location tracking
  • Clear browsing data for each browser you have installed
  • Enable automatic browsing data clearance
  • Set how frequently your browsing data is automatically cleared
  • Choose whether the Windows Notification Center informs you of Privacy Guardian activity
  • Customize which cookies and browsing data you want Privacy Guardian to clear whenever it cleans, including:
    • Address bar history
    • Autocomplete
    • Download history
    • HTTP cookies
    • Saved passwords
    • Website history
  • Use the Private Search bar to browse without your search engine storing, sharing or selling information on what you search for
  • View a History of all the website privacy items that Privacy Guardian has removed from your computer

If you do not see a product update dialog appear, you may download from

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