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Recovering activation code

I had to reinstall System Mechanic on a new laptop after my old one died.  The file holding all my codes etc is in the old machine and though regularly backed up, I cannot locate it in the backup folders.  All efforts to contact Iolo to recover my activation code and use the USELESS virtual agent have been frustrating and led me nowhere.  This feels like a plot just to get you to buy the package all over again (which one is tempted to do because it is indeed very good).  Can anyone (even a Iolo real person...) help?

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I have called ourt support number to verify it is working and got to an agent within a minute. In checking our support system I am unable to locate any tickets with regard to requesting your activation information. In our knowledgebase we have an article on accessing your account on the payment gateway, 2checkout, to self-retreive your activation information.

Using the email from this forum post I am only able to locate a Phoenix 360 trial key which has since expired. This will be converted to a ticket since sensitive information is needed to locate any further orders or subscription information.