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Incinerator, accelewrite, live boost after upgrade from phoenix 360

Incinerator gives me a "Server execution failed [80080005]" message and doesn't incinerate the file.  I myself earlier this month contacted iolo and a ticket was opened for it.  I've also seen in this forum tickets have been created others with this same problem

accelewrite and liveboot does not stay on the next time the program's user interface is reopened.  Even after reboots.

I've completely uninstalled (even used the revo uninstaller to clear Malware Killer) and reinstalled this program to get it to work.  I've also used the windows reset feature but that didn't work after I installed it.  

Version 19.01.31 was the version I was working with but I've gone back to phoenix 360 version to have most of my features back but I'm still not able to get the accelewrite option to stay on.

I'm running Windows 10 version 1903 64-bit.

I will just ignore the update notices until I've been answered with a fix

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Brian Im going to convert this to a ticket and tag it for the issue. Will follow up once developers have had a chance to review this.