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Unable to uninstall System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

After installation, there is no way to uninstall System Mechanic Ultimate Defense.  It does not appear in the list of installed Apps under Windows Settings and the System Mechanic Folder on the Start Menu does not have an uninstall program listed.

Anyone else seeing this issue?

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Lona, unrelated to this topic so I will add this to your ticket and assign it to an agent to follow up.

Hi Kent,

I am trying to reproduce this issue and am not able to. Post install I see a System Mechanic entry for uninstalling under programs & Features. 

There is a command line option to uninstall the product. Using the Windows command console navigate to: 


If you didnt save the install file (SystemMechanic_Ultimate_Defense.exe) there, navigate to the folder where the file was saved to. If you have deleted it you can download it again using any download manager such as

Type the following: SystemMechanic_Ultimate_Defense.exe –g –x

You will see the following window appear that begins the uninstall process.

You can view the uninstall details in the log file named bootstrap.log located in the C:\Users\<YOURUSERNAME>\AppData\Local\Temp\iolo technologies folder.

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Currently, the command line uninstall is hanging at the point where it displays 'Removing Phoenix360 from Suite'.  It has displayed this message with no further progress on the status bar for about 15 minutes so far.

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Performed a system restore to remove SMUD.  Now am in the process of uninstalling all IOLO apps that existed before the attempted upgrade.  Uninstalled Privacy Guardian, System Mechanic and attempted to uninstall Malware Killer, which will not uninstall.  Guessing this is why SMUD would not uninstall after the upgrade.  Screen shot with the error code is attached.  How can I uninstall Malware Killer?

I can not turn on the tracking detection in the Privacy Guardian. And when I try to clear the cookies the program stops responding. My condition is poor score of 39....

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Lona, unrelated to this topic so I will add this to your ticket and assign it to an agent to follow up.

OK, Malware Killer uninstalled.  Downloaded and reinstalled it.  Ran it.  Restarted the computer and uninstalled it successfully,  Then installed and ran the Revo Uninstaller to clear up any leftovers.  Restarted the computer again.  SMUD is now completely uninstalled.

Reinstalled the product from scratch and it licensed ok this time.

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I can't uninstall system mechanic ultimate defense so I can download and re install.

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Shawn Mitchell, I have opened a customer support ticket with your installation concerns to better address the issue you are having.

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