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ZAP Extreme Security - AntiVirus and Firewall has the "At Risk" Error Message

 My ZAP Extreme Security version: is telling me that the Antivirus and Firewall is giving the error message "At Risk".

I have clicked the Fix Now button but all that it does is to download the latest virus upgrades. When this is completed I still get the same error message. I tried to reinstall the app to see if it would give me the option to Repair or Re-Install and it does an auto reinstall. It strikes me as odd that the download .exe file doesn't seem to know that the app is already installed. So the app reinstalled and reconfigured itself. Now I have to reboot to see if this fixed the problem.

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i noticed you had previously created a ticket in our support system so I will follow up with you there. In reading the ticket, and what you wrote here, we do sell Zone Alarm but we do not give the technical support for it. I noticed an agent had explained that but will follow up with you regardless.