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Re-add the registry backup tool

I continue to use v15 although my license is valid to update to current version. The reason is the loss of key functions in versions going forward from v15.

Principal of these is registry backup and restore; a feature I have used several times. I believe there was one or more functions dropped (possibly repair disk) in versions beyond 15 as they were supposed to be available elsewhere in Windows or who knows.

Have any been restored in the current version, particularly the registry backup. Perhaps there is another way to backup and restore the registry conveniently, but I am not aware. Please advise as I would like to update for other added functions. I still feel System Mechanic is the better product of many available.

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I'm old school and have been using Windows since 1.0 when it came in a thick box with a whole lot of floppy disks and editing Windows was done through INI text files. Microsoft Windows has come a long way since then and now includes the backing up of the Windows Registry automatically (known as a system restore point) during several system functions such as installing new software and applying Windows Updates. It can also be called manually from the Control Panel > System > System protection area of Windows 7 and Windows 10.

With regard to part of your email, I've had customers inquire about good sources for backing up and restoring the system registry and can offer you the links below, the primary link beginning at Microsoft. All four of these are very informative and to be quite honest, there is nothing like being old school when backing up something sensitive like the system registry.

I would agree that having the tool reinstated within the product would most likely accent the product and have added it to our suggestion queue for developers. 

Warm regards,

iolo Customer Service Desk  

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