We have just released the ByePass extension for Microsoft Edge. To install it, please follow the instructions below.

  1. In Microsoft Edge navigate to the ByePass activation page at

  2. Enter your email address and either your ByePass or Phoenix 360 activation key and click Submit. If you do not have an activation key leave that field blank. You can still use ByePass but ByePass Free is limited to just 5 accounts.

  3. Next click on Install ByePass.

  4. On the Add ByePass Extension to Edge page click on Install ByePass. This will navigate to the Microsoft Store page for ByePass.

  5. On the right click on the Get button. This will open a new Window.

  6. Again click on the Get button and ByePass will download and install.

  7. Click on the Launch button.

  8. In the ByePass dialog windows click on the Turn it on button. The extension will appear in the Edge toolbar at the upper-right.

  9. Click on the ByePass icon in the toolbar.

  10. Click on I agree. Lets start, enter your email and password and click on Login. After a few seconds ByePass will open.

  11. For more information on ByePass, please visit the ByePass Frequently Asked Questions article.