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System Mechanic 18 Test Results

Average launch times:
• 17 / 17.5: 20 seconds
• 18.0: 4 seconds

Average Scan times:
• 17 / 17.5: 16 seconds
• 18.0: 14 seconds

Average Repair times:
• 17 / 17.5: 16 seconds
• 18.0: 8 seconds

Test Methodology

Use Red Gate “ANTS Performance Profiler” to track the performance/timing of the product.


Here is the breakdown of the test:

  1. Started with a Windows® 7x64 virtual machine with a load of approximately 400 issues spread across Windows junk files, internet junk files, and registry.
  2. All testing occurred after the 2nd launch of the product.
  3. Each run consisted of launching System Mechanic through the profiler, performing a scan, then a repair, and capturing the time between event calls from the system.
  4. The data was then extrapolated from each run and compared to the previous version of System Mechanic.


The tests should also be reproducible with a stopwatch:

  1. Start with a dirty Windows® 7 virtual machine
  2. Install System Mechanic 17.5
  3. Close System Mechanic after first run
  4. Launch System Mechanic
  1. Time with stopwatch
  1. Run Analysis
  1. Time with stopwatch
  1. Run Repair
  1. Time with Stopwatch
  1. Reset virtual machine
  2. Repeat with System Mechanic 18.0