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The information in this article applies to customers who have previously purchased iolo technologies software who would like to install it for the first time, reinstall, or download and install the most recent update.

iolo technologies maintains one single downloadable installation file for both licensed and evaluation customers.

If you have already licensed the product on the PC you are installing to, the software will recognize this license and automatically license itself.

If you own the software but have not already licensed the software on the PC you are installing to, the product will either prompt you for licensing information during installation, or install itself as a trial version. If it installs as a trial version, simply use your existing license information to license the product when prompted. If you need to look up your licensing information, click here.

If you do not own the product, it will install as a trial version that can be purchased at any time and instantly converted into a licensed version without downloading or installing again. To purchase an iolo technologies product, click here.

If you have purchased the product but have not received your licensing information, please be patient, some promotional purchases require the delivery of a physical CD-ROM with the licensing information only available with the physical copy of the product. You may optionally download and use a trial version of the product until your physical shipment arrives.

To download a copy of your iolo technologies’ product, click here.