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What is service-based software?


Service-based Software
Service-based software allows you to enjoy iolo's award-winning products and always stay current with new upgrades and improvements. Service plans include seamless access to both software updates (for example, from version 7.0 to version 7.2) and major product upgrades (for example, from version 7.0 to version 8.0). As long as you maintain your service, you will have immediate access to the latest innovations for the product you are licensing, as well as the features and functionality that depend on receiving ongoing updates included with your service plan.

For example if you purchase a yearly or annual service plan for an iolo product version 7 and during that year version 8 is released, you will receive upgrade access to this version automatically. As long as your service remains active (which in the case of a yearly service plan entails paying a renewal fee once every 12 months) you will continue to receive all updates and major upgrades for the product you are licensing, as well as access to the features and functionality that depend on receiving ongoing updates included with your service plan.

How long will a service plan last?
iolo generally includes standard 12-month service plans with its products, although different terms may be offered under various circumstances. Towards the end of the service period, you may receive reminders that your service is due for renewal, especially if you have not chosen to allow iolo to automatically renew your service.  If you do not renew your service, your iolo product will cease to receive updates or upgrades and the features and functionality that depend on such updates will cease to operate (until you renew service).

Automatic Service Renewals
When you purchase a service plan you can optionally choose to have your service automatically renewed when it expires. This option allows you to maintain active service without the hassle of remembering to manually pay the discounted renewal rate each time your service plan expires. Instead, the credit card (or other payment method) you used to purchase your original license is automatically debited for the service renewal fee on each anniversary of your original purchase, and you continue to receive access to all new revisions and upgrades of the product. You may discontinue your automatic renewal preference at any time and convert your service plan to a manual renewal process.

System Mechanic Professional Components and Service Renewal
When you renew service for System Mechanic Professional it is not necessary to also renew service for its bundled products or components such as System Shield or Search and Recover. The renewal for these components will be completed at the same time you renew your System Mechanic Professional service by manual or automated methods.

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