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What is 2Checkout?

2Checkout (formerly, Avangate) is an e-commerce company that iolo technologies uses to sell System Mechanic and other iolo products online. The company was founded in 2006 in Amsterdam and has since become a leading provider of secure digital “shopping cart” and payment processing services for many software companies worldwide.

As iolo’s secure online checkout provider, 2Checkout facilitates iolo software transactions using a safe, industry standardized protocol.

Why iolo uses 2Checkout's services

iolo switched from using an in-house digital commerce solution to 2Checkout’s services because the latter provides iolo customers with a faster, easier checkout experience as well as increased security over private data.

2Checkout complies with current online security standards. Your private data is 100% secure within 2Checkout’s PCI and Better Business Bureau certified, DSS compliant environment.

How to identify iolo software purchases through 2Checkout

If you see the company name 2Checkout on your credit card or banking statement, you may have recently purchased or renewed an iolo product. You may also receive an email receipt from 2Checkout that details the purchase.

Many software merchants use 2Checkout’s e-commerce platform, so please look for "2CO*IOLO.COM" (previously, “AVANGATE*IOLO.COM”) on your credit card or banking statement to verify its association with System Mechanic or other iolo products.

To be clear, System Mechanic is not a 2Checkout product. The software is created and sold by iolo technologies, LLC, through the online shopping cart services provided by 2Checkout, with whom iolo is officially partnered solely for this purpose.

Contacting 2Checkout

2Checkout does not offer iolo product-related support. If you have billing questions or payment related issues, you can contact 2Checkout Customer Support, toll free within the U.S., at 888-247-1614. For international billing support, please dial +31 88 000 0008. 2Checkout is based in the Netherlands, with U.S. corporate offices located at 3500 Lenox Road NE, Suite 710, Atlanta, GA 30326-4229.