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Installing System Mechanic Classic for Windows XP & Vista

Designed for older computers running Windows XP and Vista, the Classic versions of System Mechanic and System Mechanic Pro are the latest and final versions available on the legacy software architecture. If you are running Windows XP or Vista, you must install Classic in order to optimize these older operating systems with System Mechanic.

Specifically, the latest and final version numbers are:
  • System Mechanic Classic version
  • System Mechanic Pro Classic version
If your computer is not running Windows XP or Vista, it is highly recommended that you upgrade to System Mechanic 17.1 or above to receive the full security and optimization benefits of the software, which is specifically designed to leverage more modern operating systems, from Windows 7, through 10 and beyond.

To install System Mechanic Ultimate, you must be running the Windows 7 operating system or above, and have installed System Mechanic version 17.1 or above. For more information, click here.

Windows XP and Vista users, to install System Mechanic Classic (or System Mechanic Pro Classic):
1. Go to http://www.iolo.com/downloads/
2. Find System Mechanic Classic (or System Mechanic Pro Classic) and click Download Now
3. Click Save to save the iolo download manager executable file to your hard drive
4. When the file finishes downloading, click on it to open it
5. If the User Account Control window appears, click Yes
6. When the iolo installer wizard opens, follow the steps onscreen to complete the installation of System Mechanic Classic (or System Mechanic Pro Classic)
7. If you need help entering your product Activation Key, click here
8. At the end of the installation process, a system reboot may be required

Additionally note that, in conjunction with the cessation of Microsoft product support for Windows XP and Vista, users of System Mechanic Classic and System Mechanic Pro Classic as of January 1 and April 1, 2017, respectively, will no longer receive product updates, new features and enhancements or technical support from iolo Customer Care for these legacy products.