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System Mechanic Erroneously Blocked by Windows Defender

A small number of users may experience issues with System Mechanic being blocked from running on their PCs, due to recent changes in how Microsoft’s built-in AV Windows Defender classifies optimization software. Microsoft has since corrected the error: System Mechanic has now been whitelisted in the most recent Defender virus definitions update. To ensure that System Mechanic runs correctly, be sure you have installed the latest Defender update by following these steps:
  1. Click Start > Programs > Windows Defender.
  2. Click Check for Updates Now.

Microsoft flags “scareware”—programs whose primary purpose is to collect credit card data by alarming users that a free virus scan has discovered security or performance issues they can resolve for a fee. These programs neither find authentic problems nor remove them from your computer. iolo products were momentarily caught in the new dragnet because many developers of scareware have learned to mimic the legitimate behaviors of the free scan version of System Mechanic and other valid optimization products on the market.
Microsoft’s updated evaluation criteria now exclude System Mechanic from the scareware classification. You can read more about the recent changes to Windows Defender here.