I am having trouble installing System Mechanic

I am having trouble installing System Mechanic

This article details several scenarios and the appropriate solution for each scenario dealing with installing System Mechanic.

Problem 1
The computer needs to be restarted.

Solution 1
Under certain circumstances your computer may need to be restarted after installing or updating System Mechanic. If you cannot remember whether you have done so, restart your computer to be sure.

Problem 2
You have existing antivirus or firewall programs running.

Solution 2
If you are trying to install System Mechanic Professional’s antivirus or firewall components, you may not do so until you have closed and uninstalled any existing third-party antivirus or firewall software. System Mechanic Professional will not allow multiple antivirus or firewall applications to be installed on the same system because this commonly results in critical lockups and other Windows operability problems.

Close and uninstall all existing antivirus and firewall programs, then install System Mechanic Professional.


Leave your existing antivirus and/or firewall programs as they are, and install System Mechanic Professional while clearing the check box for the antivirus and/or firewall components to omit these from the installation process.

Problem 3
System Mechanic or one of its components is currently running.

Solution 3
You must close System Mechanic and all its associated components before installing over an existing installation. To do so:


  1. If open, close System Mechanic.
  2. If running, close System Guard:
    1. Locate the System Guard icon located in the Windows system tray.
    2. Right-click on the icon and select Shut down System Guard.
  3. Start the installation again.

Problem 4
The installation file you are attempting to use contains an older version of the product than that which is currently installed.

Solution 4
Obtain the most recent installation file before installing and try again. To download the latest installation file, click here.

Problem 5
The installation file you are attempting to use is corrupt or invalid. This can happen if you have a defective or scratched CD-ROM or an incomplete download.

Solution 5
Obtain the most recent installation file before installing and try again. To download the latest installation file, click here.


iolo technologies maintains one single downloadable installation file for both licensed and trial users.

  • If you have already licensed the producton the computer you are installing to, the software will recognize this license and automatically license itself.
  • If you own the software but have not licensedthe product on the PC you are installing to, the product will either prompt you for licensing information during installation, or install itself as a trial version. If System Mechanic installs as a trial version, simply use your existing license information to license the product when prompted. To use our automated Web licensing look-up tool, click here.
  • If you do not own the product, it will install as a trial version that can be purchased at a later time and easily converted into a licensed version.
  • If you have purchased but do not have licensing information yet, some promotional purchases require the delivery of a physical CD-ROM with licensing information included only at that time. You may optionally download and use a trial version of the product until your physical shipment arrives.



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