Disabling ActiveCare Functionality in System Mechanic

Disabling ActiveCare Functionality in System Mechanic


ActiveCare is a powerful maintenance feature that keeps your system running efficiently and securely around the clock. It monitors your computer's performance, and then automatically runs any needed repairs on-the-spot. If you prefer to run your tools manually, or would like to disable some or all of ActiveCare's functions for any reason, follow the steps below.

Step-by-step Instructions

  • Open System Mechanic
  • From the main navigation panel select ActiveCare>Automated Tasks.
  • From the Tasks Performed Automatically list, turn off the tools you wish to stop from running automatically by toggling the corresponding action buttons to Disabled.

Note: Disabling all tools this way will effectively turn off the cleaning and maintenance features of ActiveCare. Automatic analysis will still occur periodically.



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