When I download an iolo technologies product or perform a product update and attempt to install, I receive a message saying that the setup files are corrupted


When I attempt to execute or run a downloaded installation file, the system reports that the installation file is corrupt or incomplete. The message I receive is:

"The setup files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the program."


If the error occurs during an attempt to install from a downloaded installation file, it is most likely due to an incomplete installation file download. This typically occurs when:

  • Using a dial-up Internet connection
  • The Internet connection is terminated abruptly or encounters interference during the download process
  • A “download manager”-type product has not assembled the saved file correctly
  • You have a significant amount of temporary Internet file cache.


iolo's downloadable installation files are certified as complete and their integrity is tested multiple times daily on the iolo technologies’ servers.

If you continue to experience an early termination of the file due to a disruption in your Internet service, you should contact your Internet Service Provider to obtain a different dial-up number or to have them run a test of the line.

For information on how to clear your temporary Internet files, click here. After clearing these files, close all open Web browsers and click here to attempt to download the installation again.



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