Please help me install System Mechanic Ultimate

Please help me install System Mechanic Ultimate

Please help me install System Mechanic Ultimate

Thank you for purchasing time on your iolo product license.*
System Mechanic Ultimate™ features:
  • all of the optimization tools within System Mechanic®
  • the antivirus protection, file recovery and drive-scrubbing features within System Mechanic Pro®
  • the online privacy protection from invasive online tracking and browser fingerprinting found within Privacy Guardian™ 
Important: To install System Mechanic Ultimate, you must be running the Windows® 7 operating system or above, and have installed System Mechanic version 17.1 or above. The System Mechanic Ultimate license is not compatible with previous versions of iolo software.
The following will guide you through installation of 17.1 and Ultimate.**
1. Turn off any other real-time antivirus protection you may have on your computer. System Shield will now serve as your protection from malware, and installing more than one AV software frequently causes conflicts that can lead to system slowdown and crashes.
Note that you should be able to install System Shield without disabling Windows Defender, AV software which comes integrated within the Windows OS.
Since during installation System Shield announces itself to the OS, Windows Defender automatically disables. If you have trouble installing, doublecheck whether Windows Defender has automatically disabled, and if not, manually disable it and try the install again.
2. Click here to convert your current Activation Key to System Mechanic Ultimate.

3. Click here to download an update to System Mechanic 17.1.

System Mechanic Ultimate initially installs as System Mechanic 17.1, with a dashboard recommendation to next install Privacy Guardian.
 The above link will open a dialog box to save the System Mechanic Ultimate installation file:
4. Open this file by clicking on it in the download tray or by navigating to where you saved it on your PC.
5. If the User Account Control dialog box opens, click Yes.

6. When the iolo installer wizard opens, follow the steps onscreen to complete the installation of System Mechanic 17.1. At the end of the installation process, a system reboot may be required.

7. Once you have installed System Mechanic 17.1, the product dashboard will show a recommendation to install Privacy Guardian. Please make sure you click on the recommendation and complete this step.

8. Your System Mechanic 17.1 software should automatically recognize your converted Activation Key and automatically launch as System Mechanic 17.1 Ultimate with Privacy Guardian.
9. In some cases, you may need to close and re-launch the software for the upgraded license to synchronize.
10. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Customer Care at

*The free upgrade to System Mechanic Ultimate™ is available to you if you purchased or renewed System Mechanic®, System Mechanic Pro®, or System Mechanic Premium™ at the full purchase or renewal price during the active period of the promotion using the links provided within the promotion email or in-product message.
**When updating your version of System Mechanic to 17.1, note that version 17.1 should install right over both OLD (e.g., 14.7, 15.5) and NEW software platform versions (e.g., 16.0, 16.5) of System Mechanic.



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