Why do I need my Administrative password to run System Mechanic?

Why do I need my Administrative password to run System Mechanic?

Why do I need my Administrative password and/or permissions to run System Mechanic?

System Mechanic is host to patented performance technologies that work in concert to diagnose and fix tens of thousands of known PC problems, address dangerous program or system changes, and improve overall system speed.

In order to accomplish many of these critical tasks, System Mechanic functions and interacts with lower-level aspects of the Windows operating system. While System Mechanic and its associated features don’t ask for greater system privileges than would be required to manually complete any of these operations, it does necessitate the same degree of system access a skilled and qualified Technical Support Rep would need to handle problems on your system. Collectively, the level of privileges required is labeled: Administrator.

Customarily, the main user account on a PC will have Administrator-level privileges and System Mechanic will operate without issue in the background to address issues and improve system performance. The messages you’ve been receiving are a result of reduced user privileges, often the result of being logged in as a secondary user account with limited access. LiveBoost, a suite of active background features in System Mechanic that monitor and improve performance in real time, is requesting Administrator privileges that it is suddenly lacking.

If you regularly utilize the system from a non-Administrative account and wish to address prompts from System Mechanic regarding Administrator privileges, you can disable the LiveBoost icon from the system tray at the lower right of your screen (while logged into the Administrator account). We highly recommend re-enabling LiveBoost when you once again log on as an Administrator in order to experience the full benefits of System Mechanic.

Beginning with System Mechanic 14.5, LiveBoost was enhanced to be even more effective at working with your computer’s processor. In order to accomplish this iolo engineers were required to use a tighter technical integration with Windows. Due to LiveBoost’s even tighter integration with the Windows operating system , Windows now requires Admin privileges in order to launch the LiveBoost component. Since most PC’s are in Admin mode by default this is usually not a problem.

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