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The Knowledge Base has hundreds of support references, created by support professionals who have resolved issues for our customers. It is constantly updated, expanded, and refined to ensure that you have access to the very latest information. Begin by browsing the folders on the left side of this page.
  1. General Inquiry
  2. Contact iolo technologies, LLC
  3. Download System Mechanic Premium
  4. Fraudulent Companies Posing as iolo or System Mechanic
  5. How do I become a beta tester for iolo technologies?
  6. How do I become an affiliate of iolo technologies?
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  1. Customer Service
  2. A downloaded iolo installation file reports “not a valid Win32 application”
  3. Do iolo technologies’ products come with a printed manual?
  4. Download your software from iolo technologies
  5. Downloading and licensing information for previously purchased iolo technologies' products
  6. Finding which version of Windows you are running
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  1. Order\Sales Questions
  2. Can I still use my iolo product after my service has expired?
  3. Does my Loyal Customer Discount apply to service renewals?
  4. How do I become a reseller for iolo technologies?
  5. How long will it take to receive my refund after it has been approved?
  6. I did not purchase my product from iolo' website. How can I register my software with iolo technologies?
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  1. iolo My Account
  2. Am I automatically signed up for iolo's "My Account" system when I purchase from
  3. How do I change my credit card information?
  4. How do I change my email communication preferences?
  5. How do I change my iolo My Account Email and Password?
  6. How do I change my product service settings?
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  1. Technical Support
  2. Are iolo products compatible with virtual Windows environments running on a Mac?
  3. Can I install iolo products in a virtual Windows environment?
  4. Can I uninstall my iolo product without administrator access?
  5. Dell PC TuneUp: Common product activation issues
  6. Discontinued support of Windows 98/ME and 2000 operating systems
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  1. System Mechanic
  2. About CRUDD Remover and user community results
  3. After updating, System Mechanic's setup/uninstall wizard will no longer run on a Windows 7, 64-bit system.
  4. Can I run System Mechanic tools using an MS DOS command line?
  5. Common issues encountered when using the System Mechanic disk defragmentation tool
  6. Defragmenting files and system files at boot-time using System Mechanic
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  1. Winspresso
  2. What is Winspresso®?
  1. Search and Recover
  2. Is Search and Recover's File Terminator feature available under Windows 7 and Vista?
  3. Recovering deleted E-mail from Outlook Express® using Search and Recover
  4. Using Search and Recover to create a new empty disk image
  5. What are some common uses for disk images created using Search and Recover?
  6. What Search and Recover tools allow me to recover lost data from my removable media devices?
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  1. DriveScrubber 3
  2. Can DriveScrubber wipe ZIP drives?
  3. Can I use DriveScrubber if I do not have a floppy drive?
  4. Can I use DriveScrubber to wipe a network drive?
  5. Can I use DriveScrubber to wipe a single partition on my multiple partitioned hard drive?
  6. Can I use DriveScrubber without a floppy drive?
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  1. System Shield
  2. Removing viruses and malware with System Shield AntiVirus and AntiSpyware
  3. Accessing and editing On-demand scan settings in System Shield AntiVirus and AntiSpyware
  4. Can I use System Shield on a PC with System Mechanic or System Mechanic Professional installed?
  5. Editing email protection settings in System Shield AntiVirus and AntiSpyware
  6. Excluding files and folders from On-Demand scans in System Shield
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  1. System CheckUp
  2. What happens if my System Checkup service expires?
  3. After updating, System Checkup is detecting many more registry errors than before. Is this normal?
  4. Altering your account information within System Checkup
  5. Can I use "My Account" information to sign into System Checkup?
  6. How do I add more time to my System Checkup service?
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  1. Auto Memory Manager
  2. Can Auto Memory Manager damage my phone if I use the wrong settings?
  3. Can I set the Auto Memory Manager thresholds higher if my device has more RAM?
  4. How do I find out what apps Auto Memory Manager is killing?
  5. How do I know which setting to use within Auto Memory Manager, Aggressive, Mild, or Default?
  6. How do I use a custom setting within Auto Memory Manager?
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  1. Legacy Applications
  2. System Mechanic 9 After installing McAfee Antivirus Plus 2010 from the PC Treasures DVD, System Mechanic will not install.
  3. PC Tuneup AVG Anti-Virus has falsely detected Dell PC TuneUp as a Trojan and disabled it.
  4. System Mechanic 9 Professional Can I install the System Mechanic Professional antivirus component at a later time if I already have antivirus protection?
  5. System Mechanic 10 Professional Can I install the System Mechanic Professional antivirus component at a later time if I already have antivirus protection?
  6. System Mechanic 9 Disabling boot-time registry defragmentation in System Mechanic
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  1. Tips
  2. Automatically defragment your drive when you aren't using it
  3. Ditch unneeded programs and reclaim lost storage
  4. Expand Your PC’s Memory
  5. Keep your drivers updated automatically
  6. Organize your programs for faster access